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John Bonabi
Date: Aug 23, 2010

I love your New Website, It is done profesionally, and easy to access, Thank you. Keep up the go...
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Small Business pays too much

Money in HandsELevin Design can help you look good! From designing the perfect ad to branding your company with a look that will stand out among the crowd of competition, we strive to keep your costs down and have your bottom line go up.

We can work with you to create marketing and advertising publications, advertising for newspapers, or flyers to have available at your business. If you like to help, we like that too and it keeps your costs down!

The designing end of Elevin Design has gotten to the point that we do not have the time to do websites any longer. We do have team members that can do them for us and we work with you and the team to come up with a great website at stunningly cheap prices. Joomla websites are easily update by our clients once they are built and it's fun to keep your own content up to date and not have to worry about waiting for a tech to get to it. If you really don't care to do this, our team members will do it for you on an hourly basis and get the updates in quickly.


Small Businesses have unique needs

"We need a brochure to tell our customers what my business is about. That big event or sale coming up should have an ad designed for print. Wish we could afford someone to design Office People looking at computersomething that really shows who and what we are. How do we get a website done on our budget? This economy is killing us, and they tell us to advertise more?"

Does this sound like you and your staff? Elevin Design knows what it means to struggle in small business. With over 35 years of business ownership along with working for a couple big corporations along the way, we know how different we as small business owners are compared to the rest of the corporate world. We have to be innovative, creative and wear many hats.

I came to learn so many things because I couldn't afford to pay someone else to do it. From making websites since before there was a '.com', to designing marketing and advertising print materials, to locating the best printer in the market today, I've got the knowledge and ideas to make your business prosper in this market at a price you can afford to get the job done! - Sandra Levin, founder of Elevin Design
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