Do you need to reach, acquire, develop, retain and inspire new customers for your business? Just about everyone does and everyone is trying to reach the same people in the hopes of making them long term customers. Let’s look at the Customer Cycle:

Reach: How are you able to find new people that can become new customers? Through word of mouth, social engagement and visually presenting your products and services you can reach a wide audience. When new customers are happy, encourage them to share their experience about your business with their friends and customers. Word of mouth is so important in todays business climate, make sure it is a positive experience.Reach your customers graphic

Acquire: Once you are able to reach new prospects how do you draw them to your business over your competition? What sets you apart from your competition is an important factor to understand about your own business and theirs. Make sure that all concerns and questions are answered promptly and provide the service you would want from someone you choose to do business with.

Develop: What can you do to develop a new prospect once you have reached and acquired them? Spend time with your new customer and find out what they want to do, how they want to do it and help them with ways to accomplish their goals.

Retain: Retaining a new prospect is an important factor in building your business. It’s much easier to keep a customer than to reach and acquire new ones. When developing new customers strive to retain their business by listening to their needs and finding ways to make it happen. This translates into a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more business with you!

Inspire: It is not enough just to have a customer. You need to inspire them with new ideas and build a relationship with each of your customers to gain not only yourself but help build on their business. Have a good idea for their business, don’t be afraid to share! Our customers look to us for new marketing and advertising opportunities that is a win win for both you and them.

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