What we've learned along the way

We write to help others hopefully save some time and money

Take your Dream to Success

You wouldn't be in business if you didn't have a dream. Dreams are what make small business types great and willing to work hard to achieve success. We are small business people too and have a passion to help people get to the place they...

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Reach Your Customers

Do you need to reach, acquire, develop, retain and inspire new customers for your business? Just about everyone does and everyone is trying to reach the same people in the hopes of making them long term customers. Let's look at the Customer Cycle: Reach: How are you...

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Customer Service Ramblings

Some ramblings about customer service: No, the customer isn't always right. How many times have you encountered the impossible person that cannot be satisfied no matter what you do. Most of us don't aim for 100% satisfaction, taking into consideration that some people...

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Designing for business is not just a pretty face

Business designs for social media, print and advertising needs to focus on presenting your product or service in the best way possible to facilitate new and repeat sales. Expert Presentation At Elevin Design we are dedicated to helping your business succeed and that...

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