Design Costs:

What is a design cost? It is the time spent determining what you want for your company, your likes and dislikes of colors and shapes. I spend time with my clients learning about their business and products in order to get the best feel for how their unique style can best be presented to the world. the difference between ordering a standard design from a template on the Internet and actually talking with the person that will be doing your design work is they have the vision through your eyes and not someone that has never met you or hasn’t a clue what you want.

You can pay much more, and I reserve the right to accept or reject a client based on the amount of time a client needs in order to get the work done. Time is money and while I spend a good deal of time learning about a clients business, I cannot be their total business coach to the extent that there’s no time left to get the work done. Most of my clients become friends and have a close bond with me due to the benefit I bring their companies.I am also available by the hour for small business consulting and charge $50 per hour telephone time and can visit your facility with costs and time to be negotiated depending on where you are located.

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